Thursday, 30 July 2015

Goals for term 3

So I have just got my results from my tests and here are my goals
WALT-understand language features in a text
WALT-explain the mean of digits in any whole number
WALT-to use commas and contractions  more in my writing


In class we have been about our learner lisences and Mr Muller and Mr Brown had a talk about where they think we should be I got Put down on rll and so I stepped up my game and im nearly finished my sdl in class

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


WALT-Find the perimeter and area of a shape
Here is some work I have done of the activity we did in my book.
My next step is to try finish the activity on IXL so I can move on

Learner license

In class we now have learner licenses although I have been moved down once that doesn't stop for moving back up


WALT-Write a explanation report about our chosen career.
This is my published piece of writing that is going on my display board for my career which is marine biology 
My  next step is to get it printed and put on my board.