Thursday, 3 July 2014


For writing this term we have been doing explanations and I've acheived it because because I have made a post on it.


My goal was to times decimal equations.I used a text book to put the questions down then answered them.

Reading for the term (vocabulary)

This term I've been doing vocabulary as a goal this term.
I think I've done well this term in reading for vocabulary because I know the meanings of words I didn't know before.
Use grammatically correct structures.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Explanation writing

How business's and consumers trading affects each other.I am going to tell you how trading affects each other and how they lose trust in each other.

Business's  lose consumers and that means no money,and they can lose workers.The business will get a bad name and if there is no money coming in that means won't have a pay.If no money is coming in the business won't be able to afford workers and they will start to quit.

If a business loses trust in a manafactuer the manafactuer might lose a big buyer that means that the manafactuer won't be able to buy stock so other buyers will stop to.

When consumers come out to store/outlet/shop and buy something faulty they will lose time and confidence to go back to the shop for redress,repair and refund the purchased item.

Overall when a business or consumer does not meet their responsibility the affects are workers quiting because their not getting a pay because no customers are coming in.Consumers lose trust and confidence in a business because they gave he or she some thing faulty