Thursday, 20 November 2014

cultural fest

cultural fest

For cultural fest we did very well i was on the big screen for the end when iwas doing my pukana

kapahaka/peer mediation

Kapahaka                17/11/14

On Monday we did two run-throughs of the gala performance and I did very well and showed alot of pride

peer mediation         17/11/14

On Monday I did peer mediation and we didn't get many problems we only had about two minor problems

Friday, 17 October 2014

My respect goal for this term

My respect goal this term  is to  respect other people around me and try not to hit other people with balls when I kick the balls

My behavior/social goals for this term

My behavior goal for this term is to do my work and not get distracted by not talking to other people around me

My academic goal for term 4

My academic goal for this term is to get better at mathletics by getting more  points

Thursday, 3 July 2014


For writing this term we have been doing explanations and I've acheived it because because I have made a post on it.


My goal was to times decimal equations.I used a text book to put the questions down then answered them.

Reading for the term (vocabulary)

This term I've been doing vocabulary as a goal this term.
I think I've done well this term in reading for vocabulary because I know the meanings of words I didn't know before.
Use grammatically correct structures.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Explanation writing

How business's and consumers trading affects each other.I am going to tell you how trading affects each other and how they lose trust in each other.

Business's  lose consumers and that means no money,and they can lose workers.The business will get a bad name and if there is no money coming in that means won't have a pay.If no money is coming in the business won't be able to afford workers and they will start to quit.

If a business loses trust in a manafactuer the manafactuer might lose a big buyer that means that the manafactuer won't be able to buy stock so other buyers will stop to.

When consumers come out to store/outlet/shop and buy something faulty they will lose time and confidence to go back to the shop for redress,repair and refund the purchased item.

Overall when a business or consumer does not meet their responsibility the affects are workers quiting because their not getting a pay because no customers are coming in.Consumers lose trust and confidence in a business because they gave he or she some thing faulty

Friday, 13 June 2014

On the dinosaur trail

WALT:figure out what unknown words mean
     - prior knowledge 
     -place another word in the sentence
If you don't know what bio means it means living things (I taught brad)
Putting more bio words under

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tic Tac Toe

WALT:discover the meaning of the words we are unsure of
S.C:-using clues from sentence's
       -inserting new words in the text
It didn't take long to complete it only took like 5 mins and it was very simple
A next step would be to probably put more details in it and information 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Action verbs and linking verbs

WALT:We are learning to use action verbs and linking verbs
S.C-use a verb to understand what it is
So this is my grammar sheet we do one every week
Next step:To use verbs I my writing

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hockey on saturday

On saturday I woke up , bumped my head on the rail.Knowing its my 1st game of hockey.First  I woke up with that weird morning taste,it tasted gross.Then I had to wait for dad to pick us up.Cause he was at work.

So when dad came after my gear was sorted ,I got dressed and had breakfast.We went in the car.I was looking out the window the whole way there.I got a headache because of the smell in the car.

When we got there I was pumped and ready to go.I got my hockey stick out and my ball out and started playing around.Then we had to go to field 3.On the sideline there was this little room with a white board to sort out where we are going to play but our coach forgot a white board marker so we used hockey balls.Then we had to go for a run around field 2 and dodge everyone.When we got back we had to do passes to each other.

Then we had to go to field 1 to play THE GAME.We were up against Cathedral grammar.They are a school.They have been playing for years.They had really good skills.

Overall we lost grammar-)4-0(-sel syd.They had really good skills and we can learn a lot from them.