Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hockey on saturday

On saturday I woke up , bumped my head on the rail.Knowing its my 1st game of hockey.First  I woke up with that weird morning taste,it tasted gross.Then I had to wait for dad to pick us up.Cause he was at work.

So when dad came after my gear was sorted ,I got dressed and had breakfast.We went in the car.I was looking out the window the whole way there.I got a headache because of the smell in the car.

When we got there I was pumped and ready to go.I got my hockey stick out and my ball out and started playing around.Then we had to go to field 3.On the sideline there was this little room with a white board to sort out where we are going to play but our coach forgot a white board marker so we used hockey balls.Then we had to go for a run around field 2 and dodge everyone.When we got back we had to do passes to each other.

Then we had to go to field 1 to play THE GAME.We were up against Cathedral grammar.They are a school.They have been playing for years.They had really good skills.

Overall we lost grammar-)4-0(-sel syd.They had really good skills and we can learn a lot from them.

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